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Sonya Meagor
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Want to Know More About eco cuisine?


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You may already know that eco cuisine was founded and is headed up by me, Sonya Meagor, a Cornish maid residing in North London. You all know that ethical eating is central to eco cuisine’s ethos and we strive to ensure that sustainability runs through everything we do. But, you may not know how the business got started, or indeed, much about me personally. The team suggested I shed some light on it in the blog, so that’s what is in store in today’s blog post!


For as long as I can remember I’ve loved food – I mean good proper food…cooked from scratch like my mum used to do for us. Back then there wasn’t so much produce to choose from but our basic suppers always included fresh vegetables and there was always fresh fruit in the bowl for snacking. All my grandparents grew their own vegetables in the back garden – just a simple plot with some staples like potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, onions and salad leaves, not forgetting tomatoes in the summer.


You may think that with an interest in food from such a young age that it would be natural for me to pursue a career in it from the off. But of course, life doesn’t always work like that and in-fact my background is book-keeping/payroll/pensions! Can you believe I hold a Payroll Management diploma?


As a young person moving to London I had wanted to start a sandwich bar but with no funds to start one (a lot of money back then in central London) I gave up on my food dream…but it was ignited again and I just had to work out a way to get there finally.


My final finance role was with CLB (CooperLancasterBrewers) a large accountancy practice on the Aldwych. One day I handed in my notice, I had just had enough of not pursuing my dreams and working for an employer. By this time had catered a couple of parties, a christening for friends for 60+ guests and had gained lovely feedback.


Initially I worked part time for local Accountants practices while trying to make connections for my catering business. It took longer than I expected it to but almost ten years later I have my own kitchen at the Millfield theatre. The business now has some regular corporate clients, but we are still looking to grow and bring sustainable eating to more people – so we are always looking for more clients of course!


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I have based the business around how I personally live my life around food with plenty of vegetarian options – good quality meat from a local butcher – sustainable seafood, MSC prawns and shellfish and fish – seasonality at the core of everything – adapting menus from around the world using British produce.


The sustainability side comes from my caring for animal welfare and the environment .I actively support the RSPCA, Compassion in World farming and Friends of the Earth. We recycle whatever we can – including taking away bottles etc. from venues who do not have a recycling option – delivering in a fully electric, zero emission van – using biodegradable trays/lids/plates/cutlery or reusing china/metal ones – running the business in an ethical manner including paying above the London living wage, respecting suppliers payment terms, communicating to clients/prospective clients with clarity and transparency.


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Ethical living is so important to me and I know it is really important to others too, so I am delighted that eco cuisine can serve the needs of those who want fantastic catering that is kind to the environment too.


eco cuisine – sustainable catering that doesn’t cost the earth!


If you are interested in finding out more about us, get in touch today on 07773 298 269

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