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Thai Green Curry Recipe

14-20 August was National Allotments Week – the National Allotments Society’s initiative. On their website they say:


“This year our theme is “Growing the Movement” a celebration of all the hard work put in by voluntary association management committees, plot-holder volunteers and councils managing, creating, developing and safeguarding sites.”


They safeguard allotment sites and the British tradition of  allotment gardening. They work with the government and other bodies to promote and educate on allotment gardening too and even offer support and advice for people on the subject matter. You can find out more about them here


Whether you have an allotment or grow your own at home, August is a great time for seasonal produce.


We’ve already had blackberries aplenty, strawberries, plums, cherries, and Bramley apples as well as broad beans, runner beans and cabbages, lettuce and celery too.  August is a great time for carrots, cauliflower, celery, cherries, courgette, cucumber, marrow, and sweetcorn as well.


I like to make the most of the abundance of readily available seasonal fruit and veg and whip up a storm in the kitchen with everything from salads to apple crumbles and even curries.


Why not give it a go yourself? Here’s my recipe for vegan Thai Green Curry, you can make it omni simply by adding some chicken or prawns…


Thai green curry paste

Thai curry ingredients chilli ginger eco cuisine


2 x lower part of lemon grass stalks

1 tablespoon galangal or ginger

3 tablespoons shallot

2 tablespoon garlic

2 teaspoon salt

10 small dried chillies

3 kaffir lime leaves


Take the above ingredients and add a small amount of water then whizz in processor. Remember, you can use what you need and freeze the rest by spooning into an ice cube tray – then each ice cube equals one portion depending on how hot you like your curry. Give it just a couple of tries and you will know. You can always adjust the above to suit your taste with regard to the chillies used too.


At this time of year, seasonal squashes and pumpkins come very soon and make a lovely base for a filling veggie curry, then you need only add green beans and broccoli. You can even buy British choi sum or pak choi to add some South East Asian authenticity to your curry.


seasonal butternut squash


Dice your veg – add the paste (one tablespoon per person or ice cube of from frozen) and  stir and mix into your vegetables for a few minutes. The next step is to add either coconut milk from a tin or if using dry coconut cream  add some slivers and boiling water and stir in.


Next, just simmer until your veggies are cooked. You could add tofu to this or if you are a meat eater of course diced chicken, prawns etc.


Enjoy! With a glass of sauvignon blanc or maybe a chilled beer. If you don’t drink alcohol, why not have it with a glass of tonic water with lots of fresh mint… Delicious.


white wine with Thai curry eco cuisine


If you tried it or even if you have just enjoyed a crop of gorgeous goodies from your garden or allotment, do share with us on our Facebook page.


Until next time…

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