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The North London Sustainability Network is Born

    As you should already know I’m a long-standing environmentalist and online activist with particular interest in seasonal British food, animal welfare and packaging (plastic in particular) which is why we use either biodegradable (from Enviropack) or reusable platters in china, porcelain, metal. I also use a green supplier for equipment hire (Arnold Walker). […]

Have Yourself an Eco Friendly Christmas

If you care about sustainability and if you are eco conscious, you are probably already aware that in the U.K people throw away an obscene amount of food. According to the Food Standards Agency “we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, the majority of which could have […]

Meat in the Farming Industry

As you probably know, here at eco cuisine we care deeply about our environment and ensuring the food industry is sustainable. We do everything we can to ensure that our carbon footprint is minimised and that sustainability is considered through every facet of our catering business. You can read more on what sustainability means to […]

Food Sustainability

As our name suggests, here at Eco Cuisine we have an eco-conscience and we care about our environment. You will hear me talk about ethical, organic, seasonal and sustainable food a lot. But perhaps you’re unsure why or aren’t convinced that it is actually important. Maybe you’re the cynic who feels it is a fad […]