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Organic Wines and Pairing Them!

You may have seen in the news recently that the number of wine producers in Britain has gone up over 13% in the past year to meet demand for boutique drinks… This got me thinking about the trends we have seen in our business and the drinks we offer.


We have a wide variety of craft beers and organic, biodynamic wines on offer and the locally produced organic wine we offer is extremely popular!


organic wine


Why drink organic or biodynamic wine? Well, you are ingesting less manmade toxins, especially pesticide residues, and less sulphur dioxide – you will also be supporting cleaner soils and water. Biodynamic wines are grown using a holistic system of agriculture and is showing great results. It revolves around improving the soil and plants and is governed primarily by the movement of the moon and outer planets. Not only is the wine eco friendly, but also the taste is amazing – try it and see for yourself!


Choosing the right drink for your event can be tricky but we can help you pair it with your menu, so the tastes are complementary. Below I’ve outlined a few examples to give you some inspiration…


A private client – a couple celebrating their 50th year in business and their 50th wedding anniversary.


They had already chosen some wine for the meal but wanted me to pair the cheeses – they had a large selection of blue cheese. The rule of thumb is that hard blue cheese is best with port and soft ones are happy with sweet white wines such as Coteaux du Layon, Sauternes, Alsace. Goats cheese was paired with a Sancerre and the English hard cheese (mature cheddar) we chose Chateauneuf du Pape.


organic wine and cheese


At this time of year, we’re starting to think about Christmas lunch or New Year’s Eve dining, so let’s look at game, poultry, beef and seafood pairing…


Beef is great and easy to pair, as just about any medium to full-bodied red will go nicely………a good Cabernet Sauvignon or Claret are good examples.


Game that is hung for less time could have a Beaujolais where as a well hung pheasant can take a Hermitage or red Rioja – if you prefer white, I’d go for either a Rhone or a Rioja.


Turkey is easy, as it can pair with so many wines from sparkling to medium / full-bodied dry whites to light reds – Beaujolais is my choice.


Seafood – shellfish go well with a good Muscadet (make sure you buy one with “de Sevre et Maine sur lie” after Muscadet) or a Bourgogne. If you’re feeling flush then go for Champagne or a good quality Chablis with lobster, oysters or scallops. White fish need a light accompaniment – so Champagne, Cremant, Muscadet, Savennieres (my favourite is St Veran).




I hope the above has inspired you try some new wines this year. And organic wines are not always as expensive as you may think.


Where we are based in North London we even have one pub and one restaurant locally that have organic reds as their house wine – they are really good!!


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss food and drink for an event, please get in touch.




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