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Sonya Meagor
07773 298 269

Corporate Lunch Delivery in London

Working lunch delivery in London, delivered to your office

You can download all our menus in PDF format here.

We offer a no obligation tasting in the comfort of your office.

Sandwich and wrap platters with a pudding and fruit (8.50 per person)

This means 1.5 rounds for each person


Free-range chicken and mixed salad
Free-range ham and mustard
Free range, organic sausages with red onion chutney

MSC smoked mackerel pate with beansprout salad
Line and pole caught tuna with free-range mayonnaise
Organic smoked salmon and cream cheese
MSC prawn salad

Seasonal British or organic mixed roasted vegetables with organic natural yoghurt dressing
Organic eco hummus and red pepper
Woodland Trust free range egg mayonnaise
English cheddar and chutney or mixed salad
Somerset brie and basil

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Fruit in season

Chocolate brownies
Carrot cake
Stewed fruit filo rolls
Jam tarts

We use fair-trade sugar and organic fair-trade chocolate, Woodland Trust free-range eggs in our puddings.


Have a sandwich and wrap selection with 4 finger food items or 7 to 10 items of finger food depending on your number @ 9.75 per person

1 round per person plus 4 finger food items

Croustades with salmon/bettroot tartare or acorn fed chorizo and sauteed peppers
Croustades with salmon/bettroot tartare or acorn fed chorizo and sauteed peppers

Marinated Chicken skewers (hot or cold)

Gressingham duck and plum sauce pancakes

Beef fillet with asparagus

Traditional cocktail Cornish pasties (hot)

Light and fluffy choux puffs with acorn fed chorizo

Scotch eggs – quail or hen, pork or beef

Sustainable smoked fish and mixed peppers

Mini thai style sustainable Pollack fishcakes with dipping sauce

Organic salmon and beetroot tartare

Spinach and feta filo rolls
Spinach and feta filo rolls

Smoked mackerel pate on a little gem leaf

Prawn escabeche on crispy cos leaf

Sweetcorn pancakes with chilli sauce

Radish filled with black olive tapenade

Stuffed vine leaves – lamb or vegetarian

Savoury filo pastry rolls or nests – mixed vegetable curry, leek and mushroom, sweet parsnip puree (hot or cold)

Slow cooked potato and onion tortilla

Polenta triangles topped with ratatouille

Crostini topped with minted pea puree or celeriac and yoghurt mash

Light and fluffy choux pastry puffs – curried seasonal vegetables

Goats cheese with melon and cucumber

Mushroom and mixed pepper frittata

Chicory boats with hummus

Potato rosti (hot or cold) served with sour cream and chive

All meat will be British organic and fish will be MSC approved and from a sustainable source – all other produce is sourced from Britain where possible (dependent on the seasons) and/or organic.

Menus can be provided for your function, stating where the main produce has been sourced from.
We will recycle any waste if the venue does not have this facility.


Cold Fork Buffet Menu (from 12.50)

Poached organic Chicken breast fillet with a red pepper and onion dressing

Organic Devon Roast beef served with horseradish

Roasted organic ham with cloves, honey and mustard

Roast organic chicken with herbs or garlic

Mixed charcuterie – smoked hams, chorizo, salamis

Anti pasti tray – meats, olives, cornichons, pickled peppers, bread selection

Whole poached sustainable salmon served with a mustard mayonnaise

Organic Salmon fillets – home cured and slow baked

Antipasto seasonal seafood with red pepper, olives, aubergine roasted
with garlic, carrot batons, marinated baby beets, sliced mixed peppers, mini tomatoes with pesto

Seasonal vegetable and chicken spicy jambalaya

Sliced mixed nut loaf served with a spicy tomato sauce



Broccoli and black olive
Broccoli and black olive

using seasonal British produce when possible and salad dressings served on the side

New potatoes with oil & vinegar dressing

Spinach topped with feta cheese and walnuts

Broccoli and black olive

Grated carrot with mint or white wine vinegar dressing

Salad nicoise using dolphin friendly tuna

Squash, pear and Blackstix blue
Squash, pear and Blackstix blue

Cracked wheat and parsley, tomato, cucumber

Eco Greek – white cabbage, onion, tomato, olive, feta

Tomato and onion

Various pastas and sauces

Rice noodles with sesame, chilli and spring onion

White beans with garlic, lemon juice and coriander

Sweet red peppers lightly sautéed in virgin olive oil

Squash with pears and Blackstix blue cheese


  • Hire of catering equipment
  • Serving staff
  • Bar staff

We can provide organic / biodynamic champagne, wine, ales, lagers and soft drinks at competitive prices.

You can choose to use biodegradable crockery, napkins and drinking cups. The drinking cups are edible!