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Foods of Love for February 14th

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you’re a romantic and will be celebrating, or could you be embracing the newly coined Galentine’s Day (celebrating female friendship)? Or have another special way of sharing the love on Valentine’s? Even if you’re a cynic or someone that feels it is a commercial con, there’s no doubt Valentine’s Day will be all around. The shops are stacked with the usual suspects with cards, chocolates and roses aplenty. Restaurants are offering special offers and deals to entice lovers in on the night.


valentine's day dessert


Love it or hate it, in-keeping with the season we thought we would take the opportunity to write about the foods of love.


Perhaps the most obvious food of the romantic season is chocolate…or if you’re dairy free, cacao. According to online sources, 58 million pounds of chocolate is bought during Valentine’s Day week! As a nation we have a lot of chocolate fans and it is delicious if I do say so myself but, why do we traditionally give chocolates for Valentine’s? I looked into it and found out that chocolate does contain tryptophan and phenyl ethylamine, the chemicals that trigger pleasure and reward centres in the brain. The cocoa bean is said to be good for the heart too.


Next up on the love food list is asparagus, perhaps not the most obvious food of love but it does adorn plates on February 14th in many a restaurant. British asparagus isn’t in season until April so you won’t see it on my plate at home but the reason it is served is this veggie is an aphrodisiac. It’s full of vitamin B6 and folate (boosts arousal) and is rich in Vitamin E which gets you feeling “in the mood.”


Avocado is another contender as it’s also full of Vitamin E and this gets incorporated into starters and desserts. So if you get served up a plate of the green stuff, you can guess why!


If you’re feeling fruity, bananas and watermelon are other foods of love. Watermelon is reportedly a natural Viagra as researchers have found out it has an amino acid called citrulline that relaxes and dilates blood vessels like Viagra does! Yes bananas are phallic but they make the list not for their shape but because have an enzyme.


Last but not least is a firm favourite (maybe because I’m a Cornish gal) oysters. Probably the most well known aphrodisiac food, they are scientifically proven to have an effect in the bedroom department.




At eco cuisine we use Fal Oysters. He is a sustainable oyster farmer and the only fisherman in the world using the traditional sail practices.


Fal Oysters


Celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, treat a lover, friend, or yourself to delicious oysters with our quick and easy suggestion:


Cornish Native Oyster Cocktail Acapulco Style! Serves 4


120ml tomato ketchup

1/2 – 1 teaspoon Tabasco sauce

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

Juice of two limes

Pinch of black pepper

24 fresh Cornish Native Oysters

85 ml dry white wine

Finely shredded lettuce

Mix the sauces, lime juice and wine and leave to stand for 20 minutes

Open the oysters, scoop out the juice and lay on shredded lettuce then dress with your mixture and serve.


If you want something more simple and quick – simply open your oysters and have Tabasco sauce and lemon at the ready – squeeze over lemon juice and a couple of splashes of Tabasco. Job done!!


Whatever you’re doing, or not doing, on February 14th. Take the excuse to treat yourself.

As if we need any excuse!


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