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Sonya Meagor
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Eco cuisine suppliers – Peatches Butchers

At eco cuisine we are proud of our ethos and values – they run through everything that we do. We strive to be sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical.


From advocating seasonal produce and British grown foods to using local suppliers and even transporting our goods in an electric van – we live and breathe the sustainable philosophy.


If you have met the team, I hope that you can see for yourself that eco cuisine are authentic ethical caterers, who care about delicious food that doesn’t cost the Earth.


There’s so much deception in today’s society and even supply chains are not always what they seem. Beef turns out to be horse and who knows what else is sneaking its way on to people’s plates… It is no wonder that food quality and the source of the ingredients are so high up on our customers’ lists when looking for a caterer.


You can be assured that we are different and with this in mind we wanted to tell you more about the wonderful suppliers we use. So this blog post is kicking off a mini-series of posts about this very subject. Tune in for the next couple of months to hear about the other local businesses that we utilise for our ethical catering.


Meat and farming is often the subject of a lot of scrutiny and so I thought we could kick-off the series with an introduction to eco cuisine’s butcher of choice: Peatchey Butchers.


Peatcheys Butchers


We have used them since 2014 when a foodie chef friend who used to live in N21 recommended the butcher to us.


Peatchey Butchers are based in Enfield, like eco cuisine. We use the meat from Peatcheys for all the right reasons – they are local – they go the extra mile when we need portions cutting to a particular weight (within reason) and the quality of course is the key.


All meats are 100% British guaranteed and grass fed, traditionally farmed, no additives and traceable from small farms in Norfolk and Suffolk. Don’t fear – there are no stray animals sneaking in to this supplier’s stock.


At Peatcheys, Alex is our go-to man. He was the Manager until Michael Peatchey retired in 2013 after trading for 28 years and Alex took the business over.


He has added some new sellers such as pies handmade on the premises using their high quality meat. I can personally attest that they are delicious!


The largest order Alex and his team prepped for us was 800 chicken breasts………….we were catering a Masonic lodge event in Covent Garden for the Nottingham chapter.


The chicken was used as part of individual salads in a three-section box – we roasted them in a teriyaki sauce to keep them moist and give flavour. I then had the job of slicing each one individually into four/five slices for aesthetics of the meals. The weight of each breast was important as they needed to fit into the box and as you may know free-range birds tend to be plumper than their intensively reared counterparts.


Chicken, salmon, tortilla, vegan bite salads


For that event we also offered tortilla (vegetarian option) or falafel bites and hummus (vegan option) and in the second/third compartment of the boxes were the fruit/cake/cheese and biscuit depending on dietary requirements.


I also personally use the butcher for our home BBQ’s and can highly recommend the care taken to prepare the meat in any way you would like it. The burgers and sausages are made on the premises and there are often made-up kebabs etc. to go straight onto your coals!!


We are so proud to do business with this fantastic local butcher and to turn the best ingredients into the best meals for your guests to enjoy.


To find out more about our menus, take a look here or give us a call on 07773 298 269

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