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Eco cuisine suppliers – Holtwhites Bakery

At eco cuisine, we believe a lot of supermarkets and big brand food stores have forgotten what matters when it comes to food. Supply chains have become complex and sometimes untraceable or unclear, packaging for convenience and marketing has become more important than minimising waste and harmful plastics. Food itself is presented as one thing when it turns out to be something completely different! Sustainable and seasonal food is rarely promoted and eco friendly eating is not seen as important. These things are important to us and important to a lot of other people like us too. We believe people have a right to know what their food is, where their food comes from, how it is made and how it is processed. With this in mind we have launched a mini series on our blog all about the suppliers we use here at eco cuisine.


You can read the last post all about one of our favourite butchers here. Next up in our mini-series, we would like to introduce you to one of our favourite local bakeries – Holtwhites Bakery and Deli.




We are proud to use them for organic brioche burger rolls for our BBQs and we also use them for organic cakes like chocolate and Guinness or orange and almond (gluten free with polenta) for buffets or pastries for breakfast meetings. We have also had the pleasure of working together a couple of times to cater for events locally in Enfield.


I personally love the quality olive oils and other little treats they have in the shop too. If you are in North London and venture to Enfield, I highly recommend you visit.


Holtwhites is owner operated by Richard and Kate, a husband and wife team. They actually started out as a micro-bakery run from their own kitchen at home, where they sold the bread they baked from their kitchen door on Saturday mornings. Holtwhites Bakery and Deli as we know it today (a lovely welcoming little shop on Chase Side) opened up in 2011 when the couple took the leap of leaving their jobs to focus on the venture.


Cakes Bakery


Not only do they offer freshly baked loaves, but biscuits, cakes and other sweet delights as well as their famous pizza on Thursdays they have other lovely deli offerings too.


They say: “We use only the best quality ingredients and traditional, “slow” baking methods which means that our products look, smell and taste great naturally.


We aim to delight our customers with great customer service. We want our shop to be a warm and welcoming haven for people who love good food.”


If you’ve visited them before you’ll know that not only do they have the best baked goods, but a warm and welcoming team with excellent customer service.


……Like us they are award winning.


They were joint runner-up in the BBC Good Food’s London’s Best Bakery 2014 and Telegraph Magazine’s Best Small Shops (Food) in 2012, and they have received awards for their breads in the Great Taste Awards 2013 and Tiptree World Bread Awards 2014-2017.


At eco cuisine, we take great pride in our catering and where we use suppliers we hand select them after careful consideration. You can be sure when you do business with eco cuisine, you know what you are eating and where it came from. Plus, that our suppliers have great quality produce and a similar ethos.


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