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May Seasonal Shopping List

Eco cuisine bring you your shopping list for what produce is seasonal this time of year.

Seasonal produce has so many benefits from environmental, to economical and financial benefits too. Some even say eating seasonally is better for your health too.

Here’s our May shopping list so that you can make informed decisions when buying your weekly food shop;

Fruit and Veggies

Samphire, Asparagus, Cauliflower, New potato, Parsley, Mint, Broad bean, Carrot, Spinach, Lettuce, Celery, Cherry, Raspberry, Rhubarb….

Meat and Fish

Duck, Sea trout, Sea bass, Lemon sole, Cod, Sardine, Lamb, Crab, Dover sole, Halibut, Herring, John Dory, Plaice, Salmon

I love it when English asparagus is around – we eat so much of it at every meal time while we can get this little gem of our seasonal shopping………eat it raw or lightly steam for 1 – 2 minutes only and enjoy. I also love samphire with fresh fish – again, just a quick steam 1-2 minutes then season with sea salt and pepper and add a little butter if you’re feeling indulgent! Fresh mint with new potatoes – yummy. Just steam until tender and add ripped leaves of mint – are you growing your own ? It so easy!



Another short season life is the sea trout – if you’re lucky enough to get it from your fishmonger – what a delight – so subtle. Lightly wrap in foil and bake for approx.20-30 minutes depending on size – test to see when it’s ready – if the skin peels easily away then you can go for it………..

Eco cuisine suppliers – Centrepiece Cakes by Kerry

Do you care about where your food comes from? Is sustainable food important to you? What about the process of how your food is made? It matters to us and we advocate eco friendly living and ethical catering to help our health, communities, economies and the planet! Sustainable and seasonal food is better for your health, the environment and your wallet.



If you have been tuning in to the blog over the past couple of months you will have seen our mini series all about the suppliers we use here at eco cuisine.


We launched this mini series, as we believe people have a right to know what their food is and where their food comes from. We carefully hand select our suppliers based on the quality, taste, processes and values of their business – ensuring they meet our exceptionally high standards. So you can be assured the quality and taste of our ingredients and menu options are the very best.


You can read the last post about the bakery we use here and about one of our favourite butchers here. Next up in our mini-series, we would like to introduce you to the amazing cake designer we use – Centrepiece Cakes by Kerry.


Whilst Kerry is not known primarily for corporate cake making, I met her at a local networking event in North London and we just “clicked” – it is really important to us that we share values with our suppliers, so it was our mutual interest in all things food no doubt!


The fact that she uses high quality ingredients like us, that she has her own design studio and kitchen, is fully insured and is both talented and passionate at what she does all meant she had to be on our supplier list – adding another local to the list.


Cream tea


I use another local supplier for what you might call the more traditional afternoon tea items; like double ginger and chocolate and Guinness cake from Holtwhites. Not only are these delicious sweet treats, but truthfully, I don’t particularly enjoy baking apart from my now famous (I think it’s fair to say)……..drum roll…… chocolate brownies……….. My skills are best placed cooking up a storm in the kitchen. But, I needed someone who could make lovely Victoria sponges and someone I could recommend to any forthcoming brides, as we do cater for private events too from time to time.


Wedding cake


I have used Kerry for her Victoria Sponge to add to our afternoon tea offering. Of course she didn’t just deliver a sponge – it has been decorated with some fresh fruit in the middle – because Kerry always goes that little bit extra and it makes all the difference.


If you are thinking about having an afternoon tea or birthday party – we do private and corporate events, so do get in touch to find out more.

Eco cuisine suppliers – Holtwhites Bakery

At eco cuisine, we believe a lot of supermarkets and big brand food stores have forgotten what matters when it comes to food. Supply chains have become complex and sometimes untraceable or unclear, packaging for convenience and marketing has become more important than minimising waste and harmful plastics. Food itself is presented as one thing when it turns out to be something completely different! Sustainable and seasonal food is rarely promoted and eco friendly eating is not seen as important. These things are important to us and important to a lot of other people like us too. We believe people have a right to know what their food is, where their food comes from, how it is made and how it is processed. With this in mind we have launched a mini series on our blog all about the suppliers we use here at eco cuisine.


You can read the last post all about one of our favourite butchers here. Next up in our mini-series, we would like to introduce you to one of our favourite local bakeries – Holtwhites Bakery and Deli.




We are proud to use them for organic brioche burger rolls for our BBQs and we also use them for organic cakes like chocolate and Guinness or orange and almond (gluten free with polenta) for buffets or pastries for breakfast meetings. We have also had the pleasure of working together a couple of times to cater for events locally in Enfield.


I personally love the quality olive oils and other little treats they have in the shop too. If you are in North London and venture to Enfield, I highly recommend you visit.


Holtwhites is owner operated by Richard and Kate, a husband and wife team. They actually started out as a micro-bakery run from their own kitchen at home, where they sold the bread they baked from their kitchen door on Saturday mornings. Holtwhites Bakery and Deli as we know it today (a lovely welcoming little shop on Chase Side) opened up in 2011 when the couple took the leap of leaving their jobs to focus on the venture.


Cakes Bakery


Not only do they offer freshly baked loaves, but biscuits, cakes and other sweet delights as well as their famous pizza on Thursdays they have other lovely deli offerings too.


They say: “We use only the best quality ingredients and traditional, “slow” baking methods which means that our products look, smell and taste great naturally.


We aim to delight our customers with great customer service. We want our shop to be a warm and welcoming haven for people who love good food.”


If you’ve visited them before you’ll know that not only do they have the best baked goods, but a warm and welcoming team with excellent customer service.


……Like us they are award winning.


They were joint runner-up in the BBC Good Food’s London’s Best Bakery 2014 and Telegraph Magazine’s Best Small Shops (Food) in 2012, and they have received awards for their breads in the Great Taste Awards 2013 and Tiptree World Bread Awards 2014-2017.


At eco cuisine, we take great pride in our catering and where we use suppliers we hand select them after careful consideration. You can be sure when you do business with eco cuisine, you know what you are eating and where it came from. Plus, that our suppliers have great quality produce and a similar ethos.


Eco cuisine suppliers – Peatches Butchers

At eco cuisine we are proud of our ethos and values – they run through everything that we do. We strive to be sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical.


From advocating seasonal produce and British grown foods to using local suppliers and even transporting our goods in an electric van – we live and breathe the sustainable philosophy.


If you have met the team, I hope that you can see for yourself that eco cuisine are authentic ethical caterers, who care about delicious food that doesn’t cost the Earth.


There’s so much deception in today’s society and even supply chains are not always what they seem. Beef turns out to be horse and who knows what else is sneaking its way on to people’s plates… It is no wonder that food quality and the source of the ingredients are so high up on our customers’ lists when looking for a caterer.


You can be assured that we are different and with this in mind we wanted to tell you more about the wonderful suppliers we use. So this blog post is kicking off a mini-series of posts about this very subject. Tune in for the next couple of months to hear about the other local businesses that we utilise for our ethical catering.


Meat and farming is often the subject of a lot of scrutiny and so I thought we could kick-off the series with an introduction to eco cuisine’s butcher of choice: Peatchey Butchers.


Peatcheys Butchers


We have used them since 2014 when a foodie chef friend who used to live in N21 recommended the butcher to us.


Peatchey Butchers are based in Enfield, like eco cuisine. We use the meat from Peatcheys for all the right reasons – they are local – they go the extra mile when we need portions cutting to a particular weight (within reason) and the quality of course is the key.


All meats are 100% British guaranteed and grass fed, traditionally farmed, no additives and traceable from small farms in Norfolk and Suffolk. Don’t fear – there are no stray animals sneaking in to this supplier’s stock.


At Peatcheys, Alex is our go-to man. He was the Manager until Michael Peatchey retired in 2013 after trading for 28 years and Alex took the business over.


He has added some new sellers such as pies handmade on the premises using their high quality meat. I can personally attest that they are delicious!


The largest order Alex and his team prepped for us was 800 chicken breasts………….we were catering a Masonic lodge event in Covent Garden for the Nottingham chapter.


The chicken was used as part of individual salads in a three-section box – we roasted them in a teriyaki sauce to keep them moist and give flavour. I then had the job of slicing each one individually into four/five slices for aesthetics of the meals. The weight of each breast was important as they needed to fit into the box and as you may know free-range birds tend to be plumper than their intensively reared counterparts.


Chicken, salmon, tortilla, vegan bite salads


For that event we also offered tortilla (vegetarian option) or falafel bites and hummus (vegan option) and in the second/third compartment of the boxes were the fruit/cake/cheese and biscuit depending on dietary requirements.


I also personally use the butcher for our home BBQ’s and can highly recommend the care taken to prepare the meat in any way you would like it. The burgers and sausages are made on the premises and there are often made-up kebabs etc. to go straight onto your coals!!


We are so proud to do business with this fantastic local butcher and to turn the best ingredients into the best meals for your guests to enjoy.


To find out more about our menus, take a look here or give us a call on 07773 298 269

Introducing Newnham College this International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful females that eco cuisine does business with. There are so many, from suppliers to clients and they are all fantastic.


In this blog post, I thought what better time would there be to highlight a fantastic female-only organisation I cater for…. Newnham College. It is a female only constituent college of the Uni of Cambridge and was the second Cambridge College ever to admit women.


The college was founded in 1871 by Henry Sidgwick as a response to a need for female student’s lodgings. It began as a house in which young women could reside while attending lectures in Cambridge, long before they were allowed to become full members of the university, with the granting of degrees to women in 1948. The college was actively encouraged and helped to grow by the famous women’s suffrage campaigner Millicent Garrett Fawcett.


Millicent Fawcett International Women's Day


It is quite amazing to read how it all started – if you’re interested you can read it here and it is so encouraging to learn about how it all started at a time when women were not encouraged in education and were not granted degrees and where we are now……..there’s still plenty to improve on in terms of equality of course, but it is progress……….


Alumnae of the college include people like Emma Thompson, Clare Balding and Dianne Abbot! As I understand it the more senior women in age basically meet the younger graduates at events and can mentor and advise them with their career choices / progression. Recently they were speaking about life after work and how it might affect you when you’ve had a busy career – shows how old the senior alumnae are these days.


So, you may be wondering how eco cuisine fit into this? The person who found eco cuisine was a Newnham alumna the Chief Exec of Brightside Uniaid, a charity based at the old CAN Mezzanine, 1 London Bridge. Our first event for Newnham alunae was September 2010 at One London Bridge.



They always have canapés and drinks service – venues have included a private house on Highgate Hill, another private house in Canonbury, the Freud Museum Hampstead, Allies and Morrison Architects, Southwark, and most recently the new London school of Arts building in Kings Cross. ………..and they do like a glass of prosecco and enjoy my organic wines…..



The menu from January was rare beef fillet and mustard mayo, mini duck rolls with black cherry jam, salmon with beetroot and horseradish cream, spinach and feta filos, bruschetta with black olive tapenade, mini chocolate brownies.



Not only do we thoroughly enjoy catering for alumnae of Newnham College, we are so proud to be able to call them a client. Everything they have done to pioneer women’s educational rights in Cambridge and to set an example for equality to others is really inspiring.


Thank-you to Newnham College Alumnae for using our services and thank you to all the women and men we work with that are in alignment with our values of sustainability and also equality for all!