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Wimbledon and Food Traditions

Woman serving - Wimbledon


It is that time of year again, sun and showers, tennis, champagne or Pimms and of course strawberries and cream! I am referring to Wimbledon of course. At the time of writing this Andy Murray has just lost his game on centre court in the Quarter Final… it was nail biting but whether you are a tennis fan or not, it is a great excuse to eat strawberries.


They are in season and British strawberries are delicious. Wimbledon actually sources their strawberries from the Hugh Lowe Farm in Kent, who have supplied the championships for more than 20 years!



Apparently, 28 tonnes of strawberries were sold last year and Wimbledon do actually subsidise the cost of strawberries to their customers – a bowl of strawberries and cream has remained at £2.50 for the past seven years. You can find more facts and figures on Wimbledon catering here.


This got me thinking, what have strawberries actually got to do with tennis anyway? It seems no one really knows where the tradition came from but if you are interested in the history of it, you can read more about it in an article the Independent published here


Strawberries and cream seem to be the hot picnic piece again at the moment and we have been catering a huge amount of cream teas too.


eco cuisine cream tea scones cream and jam


You may know that I am Cornish so it goes without saying that I follow the Cornish tradition of jam and then cream on my scones – those from Devon do cream then jam. But it seems like everyone has a different preference.


The same goes for other traditions too – Pimms for example. How do you have yours? I love mine with lemonade, a slice of cucumber and mint to garnish. I know often people have orange slices too but it isn’t my cup-of-tea. I went out for drinks with friends… We were served ours with borage, which is pretty standard, but also elderflower instead of lemonade and had passion fruit and strawberry added into the mix too. Sacrilege!


Roast Dinner


People do get passionate when it comes to food traditions, probably the way I feel when a classic chicken roast dinner is served with Yorkshire Puddings -everyone knows these should be saved for a beef roast surely! Or equally when a beef roast dinner isn’t served with Horseradish sauce. Roast lamb and mint sauce is another one people feel strongly about. I am not a fan unless the mint is made with fresh herbs. The unusual fact about this is, mint sauce with roast lamb became essential thanks to Queen Elizabeth I. She was actually trying to help the wool industry and prevent her subjects from eating so much lamb and mutton and she commanded that lamb could only be eaten with bitter herbs. She thought this would put people off but they soon discovered that mint made the meat taste even better!


Some would say an Indian takeaway with a beer in front of Netflix is the new tradition of Friday nights and given it is the most popular takeaway in the U.K. – who are we to argue?


Are you a strawberries and cream fiend or do you have a particular “food tradition”? Let us know your favourites.




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