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Summer Eating in Warm Weather

It is set to be one long hot summer as rumours have it this UK heat wave is set to continue. July was a scorcher and though it has settled slightly, here in North London we’re still experiencing temperatures in the high 20s! Love it or hate it, most people don’t fancy slaving over a hot stove in this weather. If you’re not away on holiday but having a staycation or simply going about your usual work routine in this heat, cooking doesn’t always feel the most appealing activity.


I know in my experience when I get home from working in a hot kitchen and I don’t often fancy sparking up the gas to whip up some dinner, I just want to eat something simple and tasty with minimum fuss………….. Does this resonate with you? If so, then I have the answer. In today’s blog post I will be covering food recommendations for when its just too hot to get cooking.


Here is a selection of my faves on those days……….


A wrap – yes, such a simple thing, but you can fill with whatever takes your fancy. When the weather was it’s hottest my strangest one, even if I say so myself – was Jubilee tomatoes chopped up, then little gem leaf, fresh chopped mint and a layer of anchovies – yes anchovies – I just really fancied the salt they bring. But generally any salad items will go in as a filling……..just slice, chop, fill and eat….



Salads of course – as above – chop, slice all the lovely summer vegetables – think courgette, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce leaves and don’t forget herbs.


If you can bear the burner on for say 5 minutes – why not stir fry veg with rice noodles and add fresh ginger, garlic and chilli – enjoy aubergine, courgette, peppers with any protein you fancy and stir-fry for 3-5 minutes – job done……


A scallop and goats cheese salad – lightly saute your scallop for a minute each side – no more and at the same time pop your goats cheese round under the grill to soften for 2 minutes………plate whatever salad takes your fancy and top with the scallops/goats cheese – wicked combination. Enjoy a glass of provence rose with this…….


Remember, whatever you eat, seasonal is best and fish is often a winner in the summer. Seasonal fish right now is as follows: silver mullet, megrim sole, salmon, hake, monkfish, red mullet, mackerel, squid, crab, scallops, oysters and sardines.


Simply grill your sardines until skin nice and crispy – enjoy with a glass of chilled dry sherry and a green salad – yummy.



Summer made simple from eco cuisine !!


Whatever you get up to over the summer months, enjoy it and remember to stay safe in the sun.

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