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Seasonal Shopping List for January

January – cold, bleak and grey, but it is also wintry, a new year, a rest after the busy Christmas period and a time to refocus. Love it or hate it, you still have to eat! So today we bring you our January shopping list for what produce is seasonal this time of year.


Seasonal produce is kinder to the environment, kinder to the economy and to your own wallet too. We don’t need any more convincing but people even say eating seasonally is better for your health as well.


Here’s our January shopping list so that you can make informed decisions when buying your weekly food shop:



Parsnip, carrot, potato, broccoli and sprouts

– perfect for a roast dinner, or as standalone roasted veggie based dishes.


Beets, leek, squash, cabbages, celeriac, onion, kale, celery, turnip.

Great for soups too…


Seasonal Carrots Eo cuisine



Pears, apples, clementines.



Lobster, scallop, brill, clam, cockle, haddock, halibut, hake, lemon sole, monkfish, mussels, oyster, plaice, turbot.


Seasonal Fish Pie


Fish pie anyone? There are plenty of options to be had with this variety.


Let us know what you whip up in the kitchen this month over on our Facebook page.

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