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Recipe Pollock baked in the oven

Last month I spoke to you about sustainability and gave you the option to vote for a recipe you would like to see featured here in my blog.

The options were:

  • Navarin of lamb
  • Pollock baked in the oven
  • Apple crumble

The people have chosen and my personal favourite came up trumps – pollock! I love this fish as an alternative to cod or haddock and it is cheaper to buy too. Win-win!

Read on for an easy recipe that tastes simply divine.

When I was young and lived in Cornwall, my brother, some friends and I used to go fishing off the rocks at the weekends and sometimes even do all nighters.

We caught fish such as pollock, whiting, wrasse and would take them home to prepare and cook. We didn’t know what they were at the time – just that they were free and tasted good.

My dad used to make fish and chips for us and we’d use any fish we caught for him to batter and fry. He had worked in a fish and chip shop as a boy and prided himself on his batter recipe.

Mum didn’t like the smell of fish so we would prepare them outside. Now I savour being able to cook fish inside as well as out and this fish holds nostalgic memories for me.

The recipe I use now for baking fresh fish comes from loving it and not wanting it drowned in a sauce. Sometimes I might add some very thin sliced onion and tomato to give it a “natural sauce” though.


Turn your oven on to preheat to 190c or gas mark 5

Allow approximately 200 g of fish per person. Take some aluminium foil and lay each piece of fish in the centre, then season with salt/pepper/lemon juice to taste. Wrap each portion and lay them on a baking tray.

Next, simply pop into your oven for approximately 20 minutes and then check them – you want your fish to flake but still be moist.

In the meantime, prepare a fresh salad or some seasonal veggies to steam. As this fish is seasonally available in the summer – June, July and August you will have plenty to choose from! I recommend watercress and tomato salad or some steamed English asparagus and new potatoes.

I hope you enjoy!

Fancy it and tried it? Let me know your thoughts and do share your snaps of how you served yours too on my Facebook page here.

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