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Sonya Meagor
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Our Sustainable Values

What sustainability means to eco cuisine…………..

The name eco cuisine is derived from – Eco,  “living things in relation to their environment” and cuisine, “a style of cooking primarily influenced by the ingredients that are available locally or through trade”.

The meaning of Sustainability: capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage

The restaurant industry has a huge impact on the food chain – restaurants account for almost half of what the British spend on food – and if we behave more sustainably, this will eventually trickle down through the food production system, with enormous consequences for the way we farm and eat.

Suppliers We Trust

One of my aims when we I set up eco cuisine was to serve food that we would eat at home and never to use suppliers I would not be happy to use myself.

All our meat is British and from Gatcombe farm on the East Jurassic coast of Devon, trading as Devon Rose. They use traditional farming methods, many different types of breeds of animals and free-range is their minimum standard.

Any fish, seafood we use is from sustainable shoals fished by Cornish day boats out of St Mawes and supplied by Rob Wing.

Fruit and vegetables supplied by Wholegood and I look to use British, seasonal produce in our menus

  • All our eggs are free-range, including any egg used to make muffins, tarts, cakes etc.
  • We buy fair-trade and/or organic products for events such as conferences – tea, coffee, milk, biscuits, sugar.
  • We do not buy any air-freighted or hot-housed products.
  • We currently source 90% of our produce from this country and feel proud to make that statement

Using seasonal produce is why Sonya will create a menu for you using what is available in the month of your event. You can see the seasonal chart on the homepage if you’d like to know what is currently in season. It makes it easier to source locally too.

As an example we’ve teamed up with Vale Farm community project in Finchley and helped them to cook off all the end of the Summer produce to make chutneys, jams, pestos, piccalilli initially for Urban food fortnight but also to make money for the project to continue and we have also bought produce such as green beans to add to salads this year. We are hoping to continue this relationship into the future.