Sonya Meagor
07773 298 269
Sonya Meagor
07773 298 269

Organic Food Delivery to Cafes or Bars

You can download all our menus in PDF format here.

eco cuisine can supply your business with delicious organic fresh food that your customers will keep coming back for. All made by eco cuisine with the same love and affection we give to our other clients.

Let us do the work and you do the selling to your customers.

We guarantee quality, provenance, sustainability, value for money.

Sonya will work with you to get the food right for your venue and then work out a regular delivery to suit you.

A few examples:

Hot dishes

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Sliders: beef, pork, venison with diced and ready to go onion

Handmade spiced pork sausage filo roll

Cold dishes

Handmade pates – smoked mackerel (we’re working on an alternative), coarse pork and liver with port, ducks liver and brandy

Terrines: gamebird, goats cheese with apple and celery

Dips – cannelini bean and red pepper, hummus, tzatziki, “burnt” aubergine

Pickled mackerel (great served on toast)

Pickled root vegetables

Pies – Chicken and mixed mushroom with creamy tarragon sauce, steak and kidney, mixed vegetable and Somerset mature cheddar, sustainable Cornish fish

Soups – leek and potato (chunky),  root vegetable, pumpkin and ginger

Sweet things

Three day poached pears – yes, that is three days from start to finish

Chocolate brownies

Chocolate tiffins

Seasonal fruit crumble