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Events Catering Considerations


You may already know that we cater for a number of corporate events whether they are buffets, formal three course meals, suppers, lunches or afternoon teas. But you may not know that we also cater for a number of private functions too, from weddings to milestone birthday parties. Whether corporate or a private function, we don’t always deal with an event coordinator and we often speak directly to the client to cater their event.


If you are arranging an event and looking for a caterer there is plenty you need to bear in mind, so we have put together a summary of the process and points to think about when coordinating an event.


Champagne Sustainable Catering Events


There are a lot of considerations for us to make when catering for an event and usually the first thing for us to do is get a full brief. By this I mean gathering as much information as possible to help me understand what a client is looking for and ultimately to meet or surpass expectations.


This starts with the food – which menu? Finger food, fork buffet, hot/cold, with or without service, any special dietary requirements – veggie/vegan options or gluten free options.


I always like to visit a venue before the event – this helps me understand the best way to work on the day and take advice from the venue management if there are any special requirements. It is always helpful to meet the client/s to discuss logistics and also chat through any questions they may have. Forewarned is forearmed!


Through visiting the venue we can identify whether they need equipment hire or crockery, cutlery, glassware, tables, chairs, tablecloths etc. as well as any staff or additional drinks. Sometimes, through visiting the venue we identify something required that was overlooked by a client. If events and catering isn’t your usual job it can be challenging to cover everything. When it comes to the catering we do all we can to be proactive and helpful.


For larger events I can offer sale or return but as a guideline – corporate events for two hours, allow two glasses per person (wine/fizz) plus soft drinks – some regular clients I know have quite a drop more than that, so I order accordingly for them… I would never suggest that guests help themselves, as two things happen – the bar area becomes very messy very quickly and the drinks run down much quicker!


Sometimes entertainment is a part of the event and this is always lovely to be able to see.


The most lovely entertainment I’ve seen was at the AGM of Triodos Bank held at the National circus building near Hoxton Square where they had a trapeze artist performing above the attendees at the end – it was truly beautiful to see – and a surprise for the guests too.


If you are planning an event and would like to find out more about our catering service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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