Sonya Meagor
07773 298 269
Sonya Meagor
07773 298 269

About Us

I am Sonya Meagor, the founder of eco cuisine.

We are based in North London.

Sustainable and affordable catering from eco cuisine.

The name eco cuisine is derived from – Eco means “living things in relation to their environment” and cuisine meaning “a style of cooking primarily influenced by the ingredients that are available locally or through trade”.

At eco cuisine we aim to cook great tasting food, while respecting the environment we live in by : –


  • Using organic, free-range or traditionally reared produce from sustainable farming methods
  • Using wild, organic, sustainable fish and seafood
  • Using British produce whenever possible to avoid food miles
  • Considering the re-use and/or recycling of the items we use for each event
  • Not using GM food items
  • Not using intensively farmed produce

Using organic, free-range, traditionally reared produce from sustainable farming methods- I achieve this by having relationships with organic farm suppliers, who work with local producers running small farms and using traditional farming methods where the animal or bird has plenty of space and a good habitat to roam. Animal welfare is one of my primary concerns when sourcing quality meat. I never use intensively farmed animals or birds.

Using wild, organic, sustainable fish and seafood- I achieve this by using suppliers who have small fleets of day boats often using a rod and line to catch their fish – by using Cornish fish suppliers, who also have a self-imposed increased minimum size for landing fish (along with their Welsh counterparts) unlike all the other European fishermen – this significantly helps in preserving future fish stocks in the area. I am careful about the organically farmed fish I buy because of the confined conditions they are farmed in and this can lead to diseases such as fish lice which then spread to the wider wild population and also the knock-on effect that fish farms have had on the environment. The organic fish farms that I prefer to buy from are now starting to base themselves in better water conditions for the fish i.e. the Outer Hebrides where the tidal water gives the fish a feeling of a more natural environment, they are given more room to swim in and the movement of the tides helps to prevent disease such as the fish lice.

Using British produce to avoid food miles- this can be quite a challenge when it comes to fruit and vegetables depending upon the menu selected. Whilst endeavouring to use British produce, there is a balancing act between sourcing British and the import and inevitable food miles of organic produce. I do however believe that British produce in season will give you a great taste – buying and cooking freshly shelled peas (if they make it as far as the pot!) or asparagus in season is an absolute delight ! I am happy to advise you what is in season and you can look at the What’s in Season page to find out for yourself.

Considering the re-use and / or recycling of items for an event- Wrapped items will have 100% recyclable packaging. We use items such as Ecover in our kitchen. We will endeavour to take away any recyclable items should a customer not have access to do so themselves. Customers having regular deliveries will keep the serving trays and we will pick-up again on our next delivery.

We will never knowingly use any GM items or intensively farmed produce in our cooking. I am a passionate person who wants to share my love of food and the idea that it is important to know the source of where our food comes from and the responsibility we have in respecting our environment. I aim to give each client a personal, friendly service and provide you with really tasty food. By sourcing each event individually, you can have confidence in where your food has come from and I sincerely hope that working with eco cuisine will be an enjoyable experience from your initial enquiry to the day of your event.

Eco cuisine is now carbon neutral through offsetting mileage and power used in the sourcing and production of food. C02balance .com fund their own projects and therefore have control over how the project develops, which is why I chose them. I support two projects equally – the first being the re-introduction of a Tinners Wood near Roche, Cornwall (my Cornish roots being the motivating factor) and the second being in Nairobi, Kenya, where solar power is being introduced in place of using open fires to cook from (my Dad was in the army in Kenya).

To help fund these and other projects please visit